Selecting the Best GoPro Chest Mount

intovaHow can I find the best chest mount for my GoPro?

Chest mounts are very convenient for use as they give one a chance of having fun while capturing the moments without worrying about doing the capturing. They have gained popularity in recent years as products like the GoPro Chest Harness and similar products from companies like Sony have hit the market. We list out our favorite GoPro chest mounts and explain why below.

1.       GoPro Chest Harness

gp-chest-harnessThis makes the capturing process a new adventure as it lets you have fun without worrying about capturing photos while keeping your camera safe. One can capture moments from any angle and it captures more as compared to the helmet mount.  It is made with a very comfortable design that works with every shape. It has made with high-quality straps that are adjustable and thus can be used by anyone. The chest harness is perfect for snorkeling, skiing, motocross, kayaking, among many other activities to capture POV footage. It gives a better “lower than helmet “detail. It comes with a buckle that is J-shaped though other kinds of flat buckles can be used whenever there is a need for them. With this kind of chest mount, it is hard to capture activities behind you and also other distractions such as wind can affect it. It works with all Go pro cameras except the digital hero 5 wrist camera. Click on the image to take you straight to amazon and this product.

2.       AKA-CMH1 Sony Chest Mount Harness

akacmh1This is an interesting kind of chest mount that allows one to mount the camera on the chest while rotating it to any angle whenever there is can rotate up to 360 degree vertically and horizontally with ease. It ensures safety of the camera since it has the ability to detach during strong impact and has a cord connection to prevent the camera from dropping in the process of a rigorous activity. It is suitable for all kind of activities and captures photos and videos perfectly.

3.      STUNTMAN Chest Harness for Action Cameras

81tlf6dgl-_sl1500_This chest mount is one of our favorites on the market. The shoulder straps and waist straps are much larger and more durable than most because the harness is designed for heavy impact and high-stress situation. Even with the larger straps, the mount feels comfortable and it eases your mind know your camera is going nowhere. STUNTMAN does no make a GoPro specific chest mount but this harness designed for all action cameras worked perfectly. For a higher quality, extremely durable, and snug fitting chest mount there is nothing better for the price on the market than the STUNTMAN chest harness.


4.       Intova Camera Chest Mount

intovaThis is a chest mount that is compatible with Go Pro HD Hero 2 and 3 cameras. While it is highly adjustable with several straps that can be adjusted, the arm straps have a length of 2 to 3 inches long. It has dual pivot points with quick release ability to provide convenience while on different activities. The disadvantage of this chest mount however is that it can only be flipped diagonally and not horizontally and vertically as required.



Chest Mount Harness Epic Action


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