Panasonic HC-V270 Super Zoom Camcorder Review

Panasonic HC-V270 Super Zoom Camcorder Review

Make way for Panasonic HC-V270 Super Zoom Camcorder! With its fantastic Wi-fi functionalities, this is the best Super Zoom Camcorder you may find.

Manufactured by the ever reliable and well-known brand Panasonic, this item is is extremely long boasting of 50x zoom which awesomely draws in the tremendous action even from incredibly far away distance. It has built-in Wi-fi feature, plus night mode which double as a Baby Camera by way of a smartphone.

Not to mention that it provides level shot and 5-axis hand shake that greatly gives a steady photo intended for those long zoom captures.

Product Features:

The Panasonic HC-V270 Super Zoom Camcorder contains:

  • Baby monitor. Now, you can check on your baby anytime of the day, anywhere with your tablet or smartphone. Its Push Notification setting sends you an instant alert whenever the audio sensor detects the baby crying or waking.
  • Remote view. You can view videos and pictures straight from your camcorder on your tablet or smartphone, then you could upload it to an SNS site.
  • Remote shooting. Its Panasonic Image App allows you to make use of a tablet or smartphone as a real-time remote to control the camcorder even from a distance.
  • Real-time broadcasting. It records significant occasions in your life such as weddings, birthdays, etc in full high definition quality utilizing USTREAM video service in order to share photos with people that matters to you in real time.

Panasonic HC-V270 Price:

The Panasonic HC-V270 Super Zoom Camcorder costs around $230 and comes with a free shipping as compared to its list price of almost $300, so you save up to 24% or $71.05.

Average Customer Reviews:

Out of the 17 Customer Reviews, 72% of consumers gave it a rating of 4 or 5 stars out of five with an average user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Customer Reviews:

Great little camera at a great price but….. It needs an external mic input. I bought this camera under the assumption it contained such an input. It doesn’t. This is odd since there are multiple microphones for sale by Panasonic stating they are mics FOR this specific camera. There are even sites where the camera is shown WITH a mic input. This needs to be cleared up. Hey, Panasonic….could it kill you to give us a mic input????

On the plus side, the lens features a really wide angle which means you can get up close to your subject. This helps somewhat in capturing voice. We’ll see how it works out. The 90x zoom is phenomenal; you can zoom in and STAY IN FOCUS through the entire zoom. (pay attention Sony) My previous cam – a Sony – went in and out and lagged even after the zoom stopped. Quality on this camera is phenomenal. Just used it for a professional shoot (B roll) – can’t visually discern the difference between the V270 and a several thousand dollar pro camera. Could have been a love affair with a mic input. As is…’s a great friendship.– by Robert Vargo


Very Small, I can save it in a sun glasses bag. Powerful zoom feature!” by Marcos Joao Ciolfi