What is the Latest GoPro? We have all the answers!

What is the Latest GoPro?

The latest model in the GoPro lineup is the GoPro Hero 5 Black, released in October 2016, it brought with it many new features and upgrades compared to the previous models. What is the latest GoPro bringing new to the party? Well, apart from a redesign, there is voice control, updated frame rates a new menu system, electronic image stabilization and now the Hero 5 is the first GoPro with GPS built in, amongst other numerous features.

The Design

There is a noticeable difference in appearance between the Hero 5 and previous models, although the layout and ergonomics feel similar to previous models. With the new redesign, the Hero 5 is fully waterproof to a depth of 10 meters without the need for any additional waterproof housing. For most situations, the new design is ideal, but for extreme sports, it may be worth considering an additional housing that can protect the front of the lens and touchscreen from flying rubble and the odd knock and bang.

The Menu System

What is the latest GoPro offering in the menu system department that can improve on the previous model? Although the previous model had a menu design which looked sleek and modern, the GoPro Hero 5 Black takes this to a whole new level, by simple finger gestures on the touchscreen most control options can be accessed.Swipe left, and this will take you straight to playback from the SD card while swiping from the right takes you directly to low light settings image stabilization and the “Protune” feature which can help enhance your footage.

Swiping from the top downwards gives access to most general settings for the camera like voice control, Wi-Fi and voice control. These new finger controls feel naturally intuitive, and the possibility of feeling lost in a complicated menu system has all but been eradicated. So, if for any reason, you do feel lost, a simple swipe from top to bottom will take you back to the camera preview, this is now where all the camera settings reside.

Another nifty feature from here is it’s simple to choose your resolution, as the camera will automatically show which frame rates can shoot, and vice versa. So, choose your frame rate and the camera automatically shows which resolutions are available.

Image Quality

When shooting in 4K resolution with the GoPro Hero 5, you will find yourself limited to 24fps and 25fps, although you still get images that are ultra-clear and sharp which are a significant improvement over the previous model. Linear field of view is another feature which has been added, this gives a medium camera view and removes the fisheye effect. You will find this is best for general video or vlogs, although it is recommended sticking with a wide or super view when riding, as this still gives that “wow” factor during playback.

Image Stabilization

What is the latest GoPro Hero 5 Black offering in image stabilization? You get a stabilization system that works nearly perfectly; it can remove the edgy feel of the video, but not to the extreme where a feeling of motion sickness can set in. Mostly, stabilization can be in numerous resolutions below 60fps and 4K shooting. The stabilization will give you a broad range of options for your camera shoots. A caution about the stabilization function, it drains the battery at significant rates.

GoPro HERO5 Black Voice Commands

Voice control is all the rage in controlling gadgets, and the GoPro Hero 5 doesn’t disappoint, with 13 commands at your disposal and in 7 languages, not many will find themselves short of being able to control by voice. What is the latest GoPro command/s and when will they help me, you may be wondering? From basic commands like “GoPro – Turn on” to being at the start of a big wave, or just about to do that superman seat grab, a simple “GoPro – Start recording,” will enable you to capture those best moments. More advanced commands are available like mode switching “GoPro – Time-lapse Mode” to “GoPro – That was Sick.” This tags the meta-data with a highlight so it easy to locate your ‘rad’ moment in the GoPro Studio software.

GoPro HERO5 Black Camera and Audio

It is now possible to take 12-megapixel stills in regular view and wide-angle view, and auto-upload is possible while the camera is charging. Yes! It is now possible to shoot in raw mode, so now the maximum information from the footage is retained, as there is no in camera compression added. This process allows you to add your image editing techniques in post-production and gives you much more flexibility and control over your images. It must be noted, there are certain situations where it is not possible to shoot in Raw, and file sizes will be much larger than images that are shot as a jpeg.

Along with images shot in Raw, it is possible to capture Raw audio, and here a separate .wav file is created in addition to the standard .mp4 file, with three settings available. So, you can control how much in-camera processing is applied to the audio, from minimal processing (allows post production without loss) to medium settings and high, both of which add in camera processing. To control the capture of audio, what is the latest GoPro able to offer to raise the bar once again? Well, stereo audio from 3 active noise cancellation microphones is the answer, now you can have sound which matches the level of your video.


Automatic location tracking is just one more feature that raises the level of the GoPro Hero 5 Black above the competition. Not only can you pinpoint your location when filming, but now you can impress with your movies, by using the GoPro software “Quik.” It is now possible to overlay telemetry gauges onto your video, and these can show: path, speed, altitude, elevation, and g-force, once the options are chosen. Then you can position these anywhere on your clip.


What is the latest GoPro? Well it is the GoPro Hero 5 Black and it may be a small camera, but it is mighty in features, and a new precedence has been set for others to follow. Essentially, there may be some serious competition on the market, but the Hero 5 excels on what it offers, from the waterproof housing to the excellent image stabilization, so the competition just got tougher.